During the covid periode, there are many promotions so the membership is not really important to save money.

But after Back to Normal, a membership will help you to save a lot of money.

1) POINTS COLLECTION : For every 10.000 RP  spent you get 1 point, after you have 100 points, you can start to pay with your points.  Point collection only for Dine – In and take Away. Not applicable for delivery applications ( Gofood , Grab…)

2) DIRECT BILL DISCOUNT : Up to 10% discount

3) BIRTHDAY : Up to 25% discount

4) VIP SERVICES : For private vietnamese Set Menu per order.

5) OTHER BENEFITS : Lots of invitations for free food tasting, cooking class…


-Member Card : No

-Silver Card     :   min. 2.500.000 RP spent

-Gold Card      :   min 5.000.000 RP spent

Super easy registration  ( NO phone – NO email required )

1-Add us on Instagram or FB messenger or Whatsapp

2-Send us your name – Date of Birth

3-We will process the registration and send the online-card back to you, per INS / FB Messenger or Whatsapp. Keep the chat !!!

4-Use membership : Just open the application ( INS/FB/WA) and show our staff the chat / online member card we sent to you.

Many thanks.

Mevui Team