Pho is Vietnam Culture, the soul of Vietnam Kitchen. The world loves this delicious healthy dish that is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everywhere and everytime.

Mevui Vietnam Kitchen is a family-run business. We are not a restaurant chain. Working at Mevui is  more than a job, it’s your career. Everyone, who is honest, hardworking, passionate about food will find a position in Mevui.  Our family now is small, but the Mevui Family, including YOU, will be a big family with asia spirit.

Mevui Vietnam Kitchen has big, medium and small sized projects, which offer lots of career opportunities for all. But the Covid 19 changed the plan. We just can start the business in a very small size and hope everything goes back to normal very soon. Whatever the role you are looking for or any idea you have to develop F&B business in relation with Vietnamese Kitchen , please share it with us through the email We will contact you shortly for more details.

Mevui Culture

We are not a restaurant chain. We don’t sell “fancy” or “ fusion “ food. We offer a complete training “ Learning by Working ” and lead you to understand the authentic vietnamese kitchen but we are very happy and proud if every Mevui Team managed by YOU can create its own taste and charm in connection to the vietnamese culture and balinese culture. We are working hard together to extend Mevui Vietnam Kitchen by building a group of individual bistro and restaurants in many flexible ways.

At Mevui everyone has a chance for a promotion. If you are a dishwasher and you love to cook, share with us. We will train you to be a cook and give you the nearest opportunity to be a cook. With us you never need to dream, just make it happen.

Mevui Family supports Pride and LGBTQ. By Mevui is discrimination about cultures, religions, politic is strongly probihited.


Dear all my Indonesian Friends

Thanks very much for all job applications sent to Mevui Vietnam Kitchen in the last few days. I received hundreds of applications with very good quality in a short time. I really feel how hard ist now for Bali F&B  during this time. 

Our first restaurant is in Legian. This area is still empty but we try to open with only 8 staff first and hope we can create some jobs. Just few but better than nothing. Very sorry  that we have to close all positions at this moment. You still can send your applications to  We keep your documents carefully for the next recruitment. Our HR staff will contact you soon if the situation becomes better.

Stay healthy, wear a mask, obey social distance. 

Hope to see you very very soon.